The adventure awaits you in Canche Bay!

From the Nautical Center of the Canche Bay, you will reach the main bed of the Canche. On board your kayak, you will let yourself go down towards the sea.

A guide will accompany you to discover the secrets of the Bay of Canche (fauna and flora). And who knows if you will not catch a seal on a sandbar?

Your guide will reserve you a "pause contemplation" in front of unique landscapes. A gourmet break (on reservation) can also be programmed. When you meet the flow, it will be enough to let you carry by the currents to join your point of departure.

How about an hour's time to live like a Robinson in the middle of the Bay of Canche?

In the company of your guide, you will go on foot to join the immense expanse of the sand of the Bay of Canche.

While waiting for the flow, you will take possession of your island of white sand and prepare your ephemeral camp. You will study the colony of seals and the birds of the Bay.Children and older children can build a small sand castle to defend against the arrival of the flood.

Once the tablecloths and picnic baskets are installed, you will taste our selection of local products. This will be an opportunity to toast together at the new high tide! Then it will be time to board the tire previously anchored by your guide. As soon as the water has reached a sufficient level to navigate, you will come back to dock our pontoon full of memories! The guide will make you aware of the phenomena of the tide, marine currents and natural treasures of the Bay of Canche.

Equipment: Provide warm clothing + waxed or Kway, boots or sneakers



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